Sunday, January 01, 2017

Volvo "male" symbol

Ever notice that the Volvo symbol looks like the male symbol?

I've always wondered what the story was behind it. Are Volvo's designed for men only? Why aren't the feminists boycotting Volvo? After a bit of research I think I know, and I found out some other interesting info too. First, Volvo means "I roll" in Latin, that's cool! The company symbol (not a male symbol?) stands for iron ore and means "Rolling Strength". The Volvo plant originated in Trollhättan, Sweden, known for its iron works and is probably the reason the symbol is used. I also found out the symbol for Mars is what's commonly known as the Male symbol. So, I'm not convinced the Volvo symbol is not the Male symbol but at least I'm more informed. Now the question might be, which car company uses (or should use) the female symbol?

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Anonymous said...

"I Roll"... I like that.

CrmlVlyWineGirl said...

I think the new VW Bug should be designated with a female symbol. Do you ever see a man driving one of those things??? If you do, he's probably "feminine" himself!!!