Sunday, January 01, 2017

Volvo stamps

News from Volvo and just in time for your Holiday cards and letters...

"The Volvo FM can now be on a Christmas card straight to you – from Hong Kong

Visitors and residents of Hong Kong can now post letters or postcards with the Volvo FM as a motif. Postal authorities have recently released an entire series of postage stamps with motifs of different vehicles used in official service.

The former British crown colony would like to use this series of stamps to draw attention to the important role that different vehicles play in making Hong Kong a good and safe place in which to live. In addition to the Volvo FM12, a bus, a fire truck, a helicopter, a police motorcycle, and a boat have been depicted on the six postage stamps included in the series.

The truck is used by Customs authorities in Hong Kong, and is specially fitted with x-ray equipment used in searching through containers. It has been in use since April of 2004.

The denomination of the postage stamp with the Volvo truck is HKD 1.80 (= approx. SEK 1.65)."

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