Sunday, January 01, 2017

The service light, OBD-II, and the quest for a tool, part 003

(This is part 3 of the story that started here)

The next day I went to Kragen. I found the ODB-II tool section. As I suspected, the selection was much lower than what was on the website. They conveniently were "out" of all the lower priced tools. I wasn't about to spend $175 on a tool that I wasn't even sure would work. So I left disappointed and got back in my car and drove off (with the "Service" light still on of course). Going down the street, I noticed an AutoZone on the other side. I'd never been to one before so I decided to make a U turn and check it out. I walked in, looked around, nothing, no ODB tools in sight. I ask the guy at the counter and he points me to a rack behind him holding lots of ODB tools! He even says they "rent" the tools. The way it works is you pay the price for the tool and get a 100% refund when you bring it back after using it. I got really excited when I saw one of the name brand (Actron PocketScan Code Reader CP9125, see picture) smaller sized tools that they carried. It was one I'd seen during my internet searching and had a reasonable price. I asked to take a look at it, read the packaging and decide it would work. I was going to spend $70 to own a new tool, reset the "Service" light and never have to deal with getting it reset at a dealer ever again. What a score! I bought it, walked out of the store and to my car to try it out.

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CrmlVlyWineGirl said...

You are a Volvo nerd! Too bad this tool doesn't reset "check engine soon" lights for Chevy, considering that's just what I experienced last week! Why don't you paint your Volvo like the General Lee??? I'm sure you would get some laughs from others at your "top secret" job site!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the all the info. I am kinda stuck with this Heavy Duty X431 diagnostic tool. I have never worked on a truck before so need your help.

Do you know where to plugin the ODB plugs/connectors on a truck.

Is there a site where i can find some more info about this.

Anonymous said...

sorry forgot to put in my email address in the post above.

Roadflow said...

Anon- what kind of truck?