Sunday, January 01, 2017

The service light, OBD-II, and the quest for a tool, part 007

(This is part 7 of the story that started here)

I eventually got an email back from Actron customer support about their OBD-II tool that I bought. They basically said the scanner wouldn't work for the Service Light reset and said I needed to get a tool from SPX/OTC, which I think is another division of Actron or is the parent company of it. I checked out the site and all they had were tools to reset the engine oil light... not what I asked about or needed.

I decided to revisit my investigation of the homegrown tools and the one from the UK that supposedly works. The website of the most popular homegrown tool is really tough to work with. It looks like a giant text file that was converted to html with a few bullets mixed in. After reading through the information I wasn't really sure if their software would work with my car and the site was giving me a headache. The Draper tool out of the UK looked like it was going to be my best bet. While they don't offer shipping outside of the UK there seems to be some new units available on eBay. I'm thinking I'll wait for my service light to go on then order the tool. That way if it doesn't work I'll know right away and won't be sitting around with a reset tool waiting for my light to go on to try it out.

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