Sunday, January 01, 2017

The service light, OBD-II, and the quest for a tool, part 005

(This is part 5 of the story that started here)

Later that day, after reading the instructions and trying the scanner some more I concluded that it just wasn't going to work for the Service light. I decided to search the Internet for more information and also email customer service at Actron to find out what the problem might be.

After searching around for a while I finally found some valuable information. It turns out that in 1998 (my year) Volvo implemented some non standard OBD-II functions. One of those functions is the Service light reset. Crap! The commercial off the shelf OBD-II scan tools weren't going to work and that includes the one I bought and sliced out the package. After more investigation, I discovered that the tools that were going to work would now be limited to a single "homegrown" one, some tools distributed and available only outside of the U.S., and some other very expensive commercial ones. Double crap! Once again I decided to calm down and at least try to return the one I bought. So, off I went to AutoZone to grovel for a refund or at least a store credit. I got to the counter, asked to return the item and was asked "What's the reason for return?". I replied "The tool is incompatible with my car" and that was it, I got my money back and felt better. Once again I drove off with the Service light on and with a new task of investigating the special "homegrown" tool and the expensive Professional ones. Would I ever figure this out?

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