Sunday, January 01, 2017

The service light, OBD-II, and the quest for a tool, part 008

(This is part 8 of the story that started here)

I've been waiting for my service light to go back on before ordering the Draper service light reset tool from the UK. A few weeks ago the light went on. For the first time since I've owned my 1998 V70 I think I was actually excited that the service light went on. I wanted to wait for the service light to go on before ordering the part because I wanted to make sure it worked after I received it... and what better way to test it than with a service light that was ready to be reset.

So, I ordered the part from a UK vendor on eBay (Draper tools are only available in the UK). I paid through PayPal and then received an email from the vendor saying I would get it in around 2-3 weeks. There wasn't a tracking number (despite my asking) but they had good reviews so I generally felt confident that I would get the tool. A week or so passed and I wasn't thinking about the delivery every day.

Yesterday, I went to start my car and drive to work and the key wouldn't turn past the first position. Long story short... I ended up getting a tow to the local independent Volvo dealer where they had to order a new ignition unit which would take a couple of days. It's supposedly a common problem for my 1998 V70. It been nearly ten years worth of starting my car so in the whole scheme of things I guess it's not unreasonable for the ignition to go bad. But, it's going to cost about $500 to drill out the ignition and get a new one installed (that sucks!). Anyway, I borrowed a car, went to work, came home that night... and guess what was waiting for me at home? Yes, the service light reset tool I ordered from the UK a few weeks ago. If it had arrived a day (or even half a day) earlier I would have been able to try it out. Hopefully the shop doesn't reset the light on their own. I could probably try and call them and tell them not to reset it but it would certainly be an awkward conversation. I'm sure they don't get too many requests to not reset the service light.

As far as the tool, it looks ok, the box it was in was kind of trashed though. The shipping package could have been better but the tool itself seemed undamaged. Configuration is via dip switches and there are instructions. I just hope I can try it out soon without having to wait another 5-10k miles. I hope I can get my car back without too much hassle from the new ignition and possibly new keys. Also, my windows were cracked and I was unable to put them up because I couldn't get power due to the key not turning. My car is outside at the shop so I sure hope it doesn't rain. What an ordeal...

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