Sunday, January 01, 2017

LEGO Volvo

The very interesting Volvo XC90 made out of LEGO's should be on display again at the upcoming Seattle Auto Show. There are at least a couple of them around. I've seen a blue one too. Here's what they say about it:

This Volvo XC90 made of LEGO bricks, on display in the Volvo exhibit, was built by LEGO Master Model Builders, members of an elite team of talented artists who design, create and maintain the thousands of LEGO brick models at LEGOLAND® California. Constructed at the U.S. headquarters for LEGO Systems, Inc. in Enfield, Conn., the Master Builders began production of the Volvo XC90 in January 2004. It debuted at the 2004 New York Auto Show.

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hubba_bubba said...

It looks fake but I guess someone spent a lot of time making it, cool!