Sunday, January 01, 2017

Bangkok car rental with Kitti

If you're in the Bangkok area and need a car and driver then you must call Kitti. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I've used his services for over 6 months and have colleagues who have used him for probably 10 years or more. Everyone praises his excellent and well priced service.

He knows every back road, side street, and shortcut in Bangkok and will get you where ever you need to go safely, comfortably, and quickly. He'll even do long trips and overnight journeys to other provinces. Yes, he will drive you from Bangkok to Phuket! For any type of trip, airport transport, or tourism, Kitti is your man, he is really nice and you will be friends with him soon after you meet. You won't really have to worry about anything when he's driving. You'll also probably end up at an excellent restaurant for lunch with no tourists and at a place that you would never find on your own. His fleet of clean, well maintained, safe, and comfortable Toyota vans (sorry, no Volvo's) will get you where you need to go. The van's even have DVD players and excellent sound systems. No worries with Kitti!

Kitti speaks English really well. Give him a call at 085-145-0744

If calling from outside of Thailand, you'll need to add the Thailand country code (+66) before the number and probably drop the leading 0. So, it would be 66 85 145 0744

Use something like Skype to call, it's cheap!

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