Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Trashed, smoking Volvo

This video has been on YouTube for a while. I can't figure out why it's popular except for the comments indicating that most people are pissed off that this Volvo is being abused. I guess I sort of agree since the owner appears to be not taking much care of it.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

High Mileage Medallion Placement Decisions

I've had the 100,000 mile high mileage medallion for a few weeks now. However, I haven't figured out where to put it on the car. On my 240 I put it inside the car on the glove compartment. It worked out well because passengers could check it out and it also was very visible (inside the car). It sparked a lot of conversation.

On my V70, things are different. At first I was thinking of the glove compartment again but after thinking about it some more I thought it would be too close to the airbags. I wouldn't want the medallion to turn into a piece of shrapnel in the event of an airbag deployment; the medallion might get caught. Next, I thought of the back of the car near the license plate. There is a nice flat area right next to the plate. It would be very visible too. I scrapped that idea because I didn't want to stick the medallion right on the paint. The front grill might be a good spot too. I'm not sure how well it would stick though since the grill is curved and the surface is not solid. The medallion would also restrict the cooling airflow a little too.

Someone must have some placement tips? Any ideas... and be nice, ha!

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

El Yellow Volvo Truck

Keeping with the yellow Volvo theme...

I haven't figured out what exactly he's saying but it's not hard to guess that he's introducing this spiffy new yellow truck. One can only imagine the years that lay ahead of this truck, jamming all over Peru, Central America and South America, delivering and hauling all sorts of things. Pretty exciting!

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